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Insurance Verification Services

A leading provider of medical consulting and insurance services need help in their back-office task. JD Global Enterprises provides the help they need in time.

Should you Outsource Medical Insurance Verification?

Insurance verification takes time and involved a lot of monotonous processes. Checking each patient’s records one by one for accuracy is a critical step and one needs to give its full and undivided attention working on it. Calling insurance carriers also proved to be a challenging task. Long queue and waiting on the phone for a representative to answer the call consumes time. Time, which can be directed to a more important task in running the business.

Team Project

Should you Outsource Medical Insurance Verification?

JD Global Enterprises, with its extensive portfolio in providing health services, set up a team of reliable and flexible agents and develop measurable key performance indicators of Accuracy, & Quality to track the efficiency and task completed by the team.

Our outbound call centre team jump to the task at hand and perform based on the guidelines set. Calling insurance carriers, talking to representatives, and checking patient and doctor’s records for any inaccurate data.

Benefits of Outsourcing Insurance Verification Services

With a team established and detailed guidelines set, the company was able to focus on its clients. It boosts staff productivity as they can engage their attention to a much more demanding task. The staff was able to save 10-30 hours every week, thus improving overall business operations, reduced cost, and improve their cash flow.

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